Top 5 Language Learning Apps for 2024

Have you ever wanted to order your favorite Thai meal using perfect Thai? Or maybe you’re looking to travel beyond Thailand and have an engaging conversation with a local in Rome or Shanghai? In today’s interconnected world, language skills aren’t just a luxury – they’re a valuable asset for your life and career.

The good news is, learning a new language is more accessible than ever before.You don’t need heavy textbooks and endless grammar drills anymore. Language learning apps are engaging, fun, and interactive – they fit seamlessly into your busy life. With so many options available, choosing the right app can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 language learning apps for 2024, designed to cater to diverse learning styles and goals.


Mondly is a powerful language learning app that immerses you in a virtual world. With vibrant images and crystal-clear audio recordings from native speakers, you’ll feel like you’re right in the heart of the language you’re learning. 

The app doesn’t just teach you vocabulary; it helps you develop an intuitive understanding of grammar through context. Bite-sized, daily lessons keep you motivated, and gamification features like points and leaderboards add a touch of friendly competition. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your conversational skills, Mondly offers a comprehensive curriculum that adapts to your learning pace. With its engaging and innovative approach, Mondly can help you become fluent in your target language.

But Mondly isn’t only for individual learners. Would you like to empower your entire team with the ability to communicate confidently with international clients or partners? Mondly Business may be the solution you are looking for. This robust platform is specifically designed for organizations seeking to equip their workforce with language skills. Businesses in Thailand can access Mondly Business conveniently through Phoenix Media, a trusted local provider.


Duolingo is a popular app service. This colorful app has revolutionized language learning by turning it into a fun and engaging game.  With its bite-sized lessons, gamification elements like hearts and leaderboards, and adorable mascot Duo the owl cheering you on, Duolingo makes even the most complex grammar points feel manageable. 

Duolingo excels at building vocabulary and reinforcing language structures through repetition. Its focus on gamification might not be ideal for everyone, especially those seeking in-depth grammar explanations or conversation practice. If you would like to learn Thai, there is currently no option available.


Memrise’s spaced repetition system ensures that you retain information effectively, while its user-generated content allows you to personalize your learning experience. Memrise excels at vocabulary building and offers a variety of learning modes that cater to different preferences, including:

Setting your level and goals: Memrise personalizes your learning journey by letting you choose your starting point and desired outcome.

Practicing with native speakers: Immerse yourself in the language with listening exercises featuring videos from native speakers.

Conversing with MemBot: Take your learning a step further with MemBot, a personalized AI language tutor who helps you practice speaking.

While Memrise has a number of languages available, it’s important to note that they don’t currently support learning Thai.


This is also a very popular language learning app. If you crave a more structured learning experience, Babbel might be your perfect match.  This app offers a comprehensive curriculum with well-organized lessons that meticulously guide you through grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Babbel excels at teaching practical phrases and everyday conversation topics, making it a valuable tool for travelers or those seeking fluency in real-world situations. Its focus on accuracy might feel less playful than other apps, but it ensures a solid foundation in the fundamentals of your target language. There is also currently no support available if you wish to learn Thai.


If you’re constantly on the­ move and short on time, Drops could be a use­ful service for you. This visually appealing app le­ts you learn new vocabulary in just five minute­s a day. With its attractive illustrations and intuitive design, Drops focuse­s on building your vocabulary through quick image association exercise­s. While it’s not intended for in-de­pth grammar learning, Drops is an excelle­nt tool for expanding your vocabulary on the go and kee­ping your language learning consistent.

Finding the Perfect Language Learning App for You

The best language learning app ultimately depends on your individual learning style and goals. Do you work best with a structured curriculum or via a gamified experience? Are you a visual learner or do you learn best through audio immersion? Consider various factors when exploring the options we’ve listed above.

The thing to keep in mind is that in order to achieve language learning success, you need consistency.  Even a few minutes a day spent practicing can yield impressive results. Give one or more of these apps a try and see what works best for you.