Category: Special Education Needs (SEN) Schools

Physical and mental disabilities can make it difficult for some children to receive an adequate education at a traditional school. Children with special needs should attend a school that can cater to their specific disabilities.

Special needs schools in Bangkok have experience dealing with all types of disabilities. They have the support, resources, and training needed to properly care for your child, while ensuring that they receive an education.

The teachers at these schools often receive specialized training and instruction that qualifies them to work with child that have special needs. They also include programs that are tailored to address specific developmental issues, such as speech therapy, physical therapy, and counselling.

Children with special needs often thrive at these schools. They are often more comfortable when surrounded by peers that also have disabilities or special needs. These schools also offer a school curriculum that allows your child to complete their primary and secondary education.

Every child has his or her own needs. When searching for a school for your child, you should take the time to compare your options and review the programs offered. Ensure that the staff is equipped to handle your child’s unique needs.

Browse the following special needs schools in Bangkok to find the best school system for your child.

International Pioneers School

What was at first established purely as a Kindergarten, International Pioneers School has quickly built itself into an international school

Outdoor School Bangkok

Bangkok Outdoor School is one of a kind in the city, namely for being the first Kindergarten to educate their

RIS School Swiss Section

RIS School Swiss Section is the only school in Asia offering all school levels from pre-Kindergarten to the Swiss Matura.

Rose Marie Academy

Rose Marie Academy (RMA) is a US curriculum school, fully qualified and permitted preK-12 programs are available. Offering a safe