Category: French Schools in Bangkok

Thailand hosts the single largest French resident community in South East Asia, the majority of whom are based in Bangkok. For the families of these residents, ex-pats, non-immigrants, and others from French-speaking countries, the transition is made easier when they can find a school that their children can easily adapt to. One whose curriculum matches that of the French educational system while meeting international standards. These French schools in Bangkok offer a multilingual learning environment in which students can thrive and become contributing members of whatever society they will live in.

Students will have the opportunity to mingle and make friends with peers from other French-speaking nations, providing a conducive and familiar educational setting. These schools provide a range of options, including part-time and full-time boarding facilities. This accommodation is helpful where parents prefer a more immersive and focused learning experience for their children. Placement can also be accommodated from kindergarten through to high school (secondary). When choosing a school, besides competency in core subjects, be sure to also consider the range of amenities and extracurricular activities available. If you are interested in having your child participate in sports, volunteer, be mentored for leadership, or learn another language, it is important to more closely examine the facilities and curriculum the different French schools in Bangkok offer.