Category: English Program (EP), Bilingual Schools in Bangkok

International schools are not the only options for expatriates seeking new schools for their children. You may also consider enrolling your child in a bilingual school in Bangkok.

The international schools are private institutions that often have costly tuition fees. If funds for school fees are limited, there are many alternative schools that offer English programs (EPs). These schools are often called EP or Bilingual schools and may be private or public. There are also schools that simply offer English-language school programs.

Keep in mind that these bilingual schools still require your child to possess a basic understanding of the Thai language. While they will receive some classes in English, much of their school work will be taught using the Thai language.

There are specific regulations concerning the division of English and Thai language curriculum in a bilingual school. No more than 50% of the curriculum can be taught in English at pre-primary schools. For students in grades one through six, English can only be used for courses related to mathematics, physical education, science, and English.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of enrolling your child at a bilingual school in Thailand, consider some of the following options. With the right school, you can provide your child with a unique and diverse education.

Beaconhouse International School

BeaconHouse International School is an extremely relaxed, but productive multi-lingual schools in Bangkok providing educational courses for students between the


Kido Kindergarten fully believes in the ethos of play and learning not being mutually exclusive as often, even in our