Category: Christian Schools in Bangkok

Christian schools in Bangkok are schools that are either operated by a Christian group or affiliated with a specific religious organization. These schools include both international Christian schools and schools that provide English programs.

If you want to provide your child with exposure to different cultures, a bilingual Christian school may provide the right environment. These schools typically use English programs to help your child transition to their new school.

There are also international Christian schools with classes that are taught entirely in English. These schools may provide a similar experience for your child to what they had at their previous school. If you are concerned about your child adapting to going to school in Bangkok, you may prefer one of these institutions.

The main benefit of enrolling your child in a Christian school is to ensure that they are taught with Christian values and principles as the guiding factor in their education. You do not need to worry as much about secular influences on the curriculum.

Most of these schools use an American school curriculum, such as the curriculum used in most Christian schools in the US. There are also state-operated institutions and boarding schools, providing parents with a wide range of options.

Ekkamai International School

Ekkamai International School is operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission in Thailand and operates its school in adherence to

Outdoor School Bangkok

Bangkok Outdoor School is one of a kind in the city, namely for being the first Kindergarten to educate their