Category: Boarding Schools

Bangkok is home to many high-quality boarding schools. These schools may offer classes for students ranging from seventh-grade to twelfth-grade. There are also international boarding schools for expatriates and boarding schools that are intended for all students.

Boarding schools are not quite the same as traditional schools. Students typically live and study on-campus, instead of living off-campus and visiting the school during the day. However, there are several boarding schools that offer a hybrid system that includes off-campus living.

Boarding schools are typically private institutions and accredited through national organizations. You can also find flexible options to meet your specific needs.

For example, there are boarding schools that offer full-time boarding, allowing students to live on-campus throughout the semester. These schools may accommodate parents that frequently travel for work. There are also schools that offer part-time boarding for one to three nights per week.

In some cases, children may find the transition of moving to a new country easier when enrolled at a boarding school that allows them to live off-campus. However, on-campus living that provides lodging and food also helps children acclimate to their new environment and spend more time with other children.

Review the following boarding schools to compare choices and find the best school for your child.

Cambridge College Thailand

Cambridge College Thailand, associated with the Cambridge Regional Collage, is located in Phitsanalouk in the Samo Khae in northern Thailand.

Harrow International School

Catering to students between the ages of 18 months and 18 years of age, Harrow International School’s philosophy on teaching

Outdoor School Bangkok

Bangkok Outdoor School is one of a kind in the city, namely for being the first Kindergarten to educate their

Regents International School

Regents International School is considered to be the only school in the Pattaya region which delivers highest quality learning combined

RIS School Swiss Section

RIS School Swiss Section is the only school in Asia offering all school levels from pre-Kindergarten to the Swiss Matura.

Ruamrudee International School

Ruamrudee International School offers a Modified American Curriculum, with IB/AP programs and Day/Boarding to learners 2-18 Years Old. It is

Rugby School Thailand

Rugby School Thailand is a co-educational, day and boarding, British International School for 2-18 year olds. It follows the British