Global Scale of English (GSE), the New Benchmark for English Language Proficiency

In today’s interconnected world, mastering English is more than just a skill—it’s a pathway to personal and professional growth. However, accurately assessing language abilities has always posed a challenge. While tests like TOEIC and IELTS have their place, they sometimes miss the nuances that truly reflect someone’s language capabilities. This is where the Global Scale […]

Top 5 Language Learning Apps for 2024

Have you ever wanted to order your favorite Thai meal using perfect Thai? Or maybe you’re looking to travel beyond Thailand and have an engaging conversation with a local in Rome or Shanghai? In today’s interconnected world, language skills aren’t just a luxury – they’re a valuable asset for your life and career. The good […]

The Top 10 International Schools in Bangkok

Finding the right school for your child can feel complicated, especially if you are an expatriate or simply want to choose a school that will offer your child the best education and opportunities in life. Thankfully, for those that settle in Bangkok, there are many highly rated international schools to consider that offer a far […]

10 Questions to Ask When Starting a School

There are many business ventures a person can delve into, however, starting a private school can prove particularly challenging. There are often many regulations to conform to and resources that need to be assembled. Strategies must also be developed to ensure staff are well motivated, the curriculum is worthwhile, and that parents will be sufficiently […]

Do International Schools Require Health Insurance for all Children?

Health insurance generally has been a hot topic of conversation in Thailand for some time. However, for long-term ex-pats, the lines can sometimes become blurred about what is required, especially for those with families. While there is always conjecture and people willing to offer opinions rather than facts, we will try to answer your questions […]

What options are there for boarding schools in Asia?

In most parts of Asia, education is regarding as a privilege and something that should be respected. International schools, particularly boarding schools, maintain exceptionally high standards, with parents from across the region choosing to send their children away to boarding school as they get older. They believe that they will further their education, gain greater […]

What is the Standard of Teaching Like in International Schools in Thailand?

Thailand has an extensive range of international schools, teaching different curriculum, targeting different students as well as having significant disparities in how much they charge. Naturally, all of these factors will influence the standard of teaching. It will also affect the quality of teachers that the schools can attract. In this article, we will explore […]

ABC Pathway’s International Kindergarten

As one of Asia’s most highly regarded English-language school’s ABC Pathways School’s teaching centers are located across Hong Kong and Bangkok. Having opened their doors in early 2002, the school has helped educate over 45,000 children from kindergarten to senior secondary school age. And their new International Kindergarten located in the heart of Bangkok has […]

Adventist International Mission School

As part of the Seventh Day Adventist Foundation, the Adventist International Mission School is a co-educational institution for students between preschool and 12th grade. While the school operates by the standards of the Seventh Day Adventist beliefs, they welcome applicants from all different backgrounds that are open to learning within the schools conservative curriculum. The […]

AIT International School

Functioning under a Royal Command from his Majesty King Bhumibol Aduyljadej in 1967 which in it’s revised state functions as the Charter of the Asian Institute of Technology. The Asian Institute of Technology International school caters for pre-Kindergarteners and Elementary students. With a curriculum based on a mixture of British, Finnish and US curriculums, it […]

American School of Bangkok

The American School of Bangkok has a unique ethos when it comes to the education they provide their student’s. Quite simply put it is focused on the student’s themselves and centers around forming foundation for societal relationship, respect and affection towards their teachers and continual development and learning. Based on a US curriculum, they promote […]

American Pacific International School

Seeking to promote a multicultural and diverse learning environment, the American Pacific International School develops a love of learning in their student’s. With a unique curriculum based on a US model, their focus is on developing graduates who are critical thinkers and valuable idea producers. They provide their “Primary Years” program for students between Kindergarten […]

Anglo Singapore International School

The Anglo-Singapore International School believes that every single one of its students can, with the right development, be nurtured into achieving their potential to the fullest. They provide a caring and nurturing atmosphere which helps their students excel through their Singaporean curriculum with an emphasis on creating attentive learners. They focus on small class sizes […]

Ascot International School

Ascot International School defines itself as a traditional style British International school with a key emphasis on fluent English communication. Their student focus is on developing and nurturing their students to develop creatively, academically and personally in order to acquire these skills for adult life. They educate students between the ages of 2 and a […]

Australian International School Bangkok

Established in early 2003, the Australian International School has a keen focus on early development and setting strong foundations for their student’s future growth. They provide their services to students between the grades of Kindergarten to Sixth. Meaning that using their AU style curriculum they are in a unique position to nurture their youngest students […]

Bangkok Grace International School

Established by a long term missionary to Thailand, Rev. Sila Jung, the school is operated on the strong convictions of its founder. In its current form it operates as an international school catering for students between Nursery and Grade Six ages and welcomes those of all faiths to study. In partnership with the Liberty Christian […]

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, or simply “Bangkok Prep” to students and locals, was opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in June 2006. Since then it has been providing Bangkok’s student’s with the tools that they need to develop into thoughtful, attentive and productive adults. Based on the National Curriculum of […]

Bangkok Patana School

Bangkok Patana School is not just the first British educational institute in Thailand, It has, since its founding, remained one of South East Asia’s most respected schools. Offering a wide spectrum of education from Foundation Level all the way up to years 11, 12 and 13. This gives parents confidence that their child is receiving […]

Beaconhouse International School

BeaconHouse International School is an extremely relaxed, but productive multi-lingual schools in Bangkok providing educational courses for students between the ages of 2 and 18. With four campus’s located around Bangkok, you can feel assured knowing that your child is receiving a good education, without the stressful commute. They provide a wide range of different […]

Berkeley International School

Berkeley International is regarded by many in the educational field in Thailand to be one of the most reasonably priced, high quality international schools in the capital. They welcome both international expat families from across the globe, as well as local host nation families. This they say helps to promote a multicultural and challenging environment. […]

Bernie British International Preparatory Centre

Bernie British International Preparatory Centre strongly believes that the key to a child’s future success is setting a solid foundation in early life. This highly regarded International Prep school is focused solely on your child’s early education, from ages of 18 months to 16 years. This allows them to be keenly focused on your child’s […]

Bloomsbury International School

Nestled in just a short drive from Hat Yai airport, Bloomsbury International School is a relatively new establishment on this list. Providing students in the local area with what they say is an engaging and challenging learning experience to help stimulate their minds. Following an English National Curriculum through keystages 1 to 5. They also […]

British Columbia International School

The British Columbia International School is the very first educational institute in Thailand to offer the highly regarded B.C Curriculum to its students! And as part of that curriculum, the school is highly dedicated to bringing its student’s a comprehensive and authentic education. Their key focus is to introduce their young students to a warm […]

Bright Skies International School

Bright Skies International School is one of the newer international schools in Bangkok, owned and operated by Ms. Shayne Raffaud. Ms. Shayne has taught all over the world, namely in Australia, France, China and many more, she has bought her years of expertise to her new school. Having spent most of her life living in […]

British Early Years Centre

The British Early Years Centre bring a progressive and forward thinking attitude to their educational approach, being keen to pioneer new techniques and ideas to their students. They employ the latest materials and resources to their student’s in order to teach in a child to adult, play based model. This results in active and engaged […]

British International School

This Phuket based International school draws on influences from the UK education system to form their own unique and functional curriculum. The British International School was founded in 1996 and teaches students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Their highly innovative facility set in the beautiful scenery of Phuket offers student’s a calming and natural approach […]

Bromsgrove International School Thailand

Using the name on a license from the UK based institution, Bromsgrove International School Thailand offers courses for student’s aged from 2 – 18. Based in the beautiful areas bordering Bangkok, they offer the very best aspects of the British Education system. Their curriculum is primarily focused on challenging their students in the most appropriate […]

Buds International School Phuket

A relatively new institution in the Phuket education scene, Buds International School Phuket is a new concept in early education for the region. It believes that teaching proper and fluent interaction with their diverse and talented staff is key to promoting learner engagement. Teaching their student’s between grades 1 to 8, they adopt the California […]

California Prep International School

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Saraburi, California Prep International School promotes holistic development of their students into knowledgeable and considerate adults. They also hold the distinction of being the very first complete e-learning international school in all of Thailand. Teaching students between Kindergarten and Grade 12, they promote the American style of curriculum called […]

Cambridge College Thailand

Cambridge College Thailand, associated with the Cambridge Regional Collage, is located in Phitsanalouk in the Samo Khae in northern Thailand. This location is situated away from the chaos and bustle of the main city, but close enough to still be able to provide a stimulating and positive learning experience for its students. They operate on […]

Centre ACACIA Bangkok

Centre ACACIA Bangkok is a very unique institution, being a combined English/French nursery, which allows your child to develop their knowledge in both languages. The nursery program on offer is designed for students between the ages of 1 – 4 years, allowing you to kicks start their language learning abilities. Centre ACACIA strives to provide […]

Charter International School

Having been relocated to a stunning, purpose built premises near King Rama 9 Park, Charter International School offers schooling to pupils between Nursery and Year 10 age. They pride themselves on being able to evaluate a student based on their individual traits and come up with a targeted education plan for them. They believe that […]

Chiang Mai International School

Chiang Mai International School was founded on strong Christian values and they help to instill these into their student’s. Their school enjoys celebrating multiculturalist principles and they welcome those from all backgrounds to join their student’s in their learning adventure. CMIS fosters high academic success amongst its students through teaching their pupils to develop a […]

Chiang Rai International School

Chang Rai International School has the honor of being the first international school to grace the region, providing highly regarded education ever since. They have founded their principles on the Christian principles of love and tolerance for all. And ultimately helps to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of its students in order […]

Concordian International School

As a trilingual campus, Concordian International School is focused on bringing a trilingual program taught in English, Chinese and Thai to help foster language skill from the onset of their students education. Their immersion based and research focused program allows their students to develop into creative, constructive and critical thinkers. They help to foster a […]

Denla British School

Bringing the very best of the UK private school sector to the students of Thailand, Denla British School located in Bangkok invites all students between the ages of 3 – 18 years to join them. They are firm believers that a strong education is the very foundation of future e success and, for the large […]

Ekkamai International School

Ekkamai International School is operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission in Thailand and operates its school in adherence to those principles. For more than 50 years they have provided high quality English language education to its thousands of students. Offering the California state curriculum with modifications for Seventh Day Adventist beliefs, in order to […]

Garden International School Bangkok

With its curriculum firmly focused on emulation of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, Garden International School Bangkok caters for pupils between Kindergarten and Grade 11. They provide their courses with the end goal of emulating Cambridge’s iGCSE program in order to promote continued future success for their pupils. All of their teachers boast […]

Garden International School Eastern Seaboard

Bringing the highly successful, Bangkok based International School to the Ban Chang region, Garden International School brings the same level of dedication here as its premises in Bangkok. Located in the beautiful countryside of Ban Chang, with easy acsess to the ocean, their campus removes students from the chaos and bustle of Bangkok, which can […]

Global Indian International School

As a progressive and forward thinking institution, the Global International School is focused on bringing the finest of teaching methods and the best practices to their pupils. With their focus on innovation and keen eye for academic success, students can easily thrive and meet their fullest potential. They pair these groundbreaking techniques with adequate pastoral […]

Hana Christian International Kindergarten

Key to the practices at Hana Christian International Kindergarten are the happiness and wellbeing of their students. They believe that in order for them to grow both academically and personally that they have to be happy and engaged to maximize their learning potential. One of the main focuses of the school is on the social, […]

Harrow International School

Catering to students between the ages of 18 months and 18 years of age, Harrow International School’s philosophy on teaching is that of academic success. With the school divided into three sections and each section having its own headmaster, proper oversight and supervision of school activities and lessons is of prime importance. This helps them, […]

Happy Home Nursery

The Good Home Nursery is renowned across Thailand for their innovative and fresh approach to kindergarten learning. Over the years they have developed a unique curriculum as well as developing their own teaching methods and practices. This puts them in a unique position to educate their pupils in an exciting and engaging way to ensure […]

HeadStart International School

A school known for its high levels of academic achievement, HeadStart International School located in Phuket is a coeducational British style school. Offering its curriculum, which Is one based very closely on the UK national curriculum, to students between the ages of 2 – 18 years of age. With students hailing from over 44 different […]

Heathfield International School

In coalition with the school of the same name in Kidderminster, England, Heathfield International School provides it’s students with a highly structured English curriculum, delivered in English. Based on the English National Curriculum with minor adjustments to suit the needs of a diverse, international school of varying levels. The school prides itself on catering to […]

I.P.C. International Kindergarten

Opening in 1983 as one of Bangkok’s first and oldest pre-schools, I.P.C. International Kindergarten has long held a reputation for excellence in education. With an impressive track record of educating well over 7000 students from more than 30 nations across the globe. Providing their students of all ages and abilities with small class sizes in […]

International Baccalaureate Boarding School

Nestled in the picturesque and tranquil north of Thailand, International Baccalaureate Boarding School offers their international students a rare chance to experience traditional Thai culture and way of life. Boarding students are provided for in two bedroom apartments in order to both give them their own space, and to fully integrate within the campus community. […]

International Community School Udon Thani (ICS Udon)

ICS Udon Thani offers a US-based education for 4-18 year old students in the heart of the Isaan region. In just four years, ICS Udon Thani has become the premier international school in the northeast region of Thailand, boasting amazing facilities, an excellent teaching staff, and a loving environment for all students. ICS Udon Thani […]

International Community School Bangkok (ICS Bangkok)

ICS BKK is a 30 years old non-profit international American Christian school (K4-G12) located in the Bangna district of Bangkok. Now, ICS BKK is now the leading Advanced Placement (AP) institute in Bangkok with students having the highest reported average SAT score in Bangkok. ICS students are accepted into universities in the US, UK, and […]

International Pioneers School

What was at first established purely as a Kindergarten, International Pioneers School has quickly built itself into an international school catering for students of all ages. Based on a British style curriculum, they owe their rapid development into a full-fledged school on their impeccable record for academic achievement and the high quality of their teaching […]

International School Bangkok (ISB)

As one of the most recognized international school brands in South East Asia, International School Bangkok has long held a reputation for excellence and quality education for its students. Their mission, to put simply is to be a model of inspiration and motivation for their students to achieve the most out of their lives in […]

International School Eastern Seaboard

With a renewed interest and rapid development in the east of Thailand as a major economic center of the country as a whole, the demand for a high quality international school became great. This is where the International School Eastern Seaboard came into the fray, developed by Northbridge Communities, and was opened in 1998. Since […]

International School of Chonburi

Being one of the newer international schools to grace Thailand in recent years, International School of Chonburi began operating in 2003. However it has quickly climbed the ranks in terms of local competition for excelling in their students’ academic and creative development. Their curriculum focuses on tutoring their students through active participation and allows for […]

International School of Samui

Offering an internationally recognized curriculum, International School of Samui is a school based solidly in the British style of education. They have a strong emphasis on encouraging the best from every single one of their students and offer them the individual support they need to do so. They also make a point of crafting fun […]

John Wyatt Montessori

Educating children is obviously no easy task, however what makes that easier is if children begin their journey into education at as young an age as possible. This is where John Wyatt Montessori comes in, offering its courses to students under the age of three years old, they stand by their ethos of laying a […]

Kajonkiet International School

A family run, coeducational international school, Kajonkiet International School is located in Phuket and caters for students of all ages and backgrounds. They attribute their student’s successes to their family feeling and kind atmosphere that they work hard to generate. This allows students to comfortably assimilate into the school and quickly get acclimatized to this […]

Keerapat International School

Keerapat International School Is a highly regarded and dedicated institution, which focuses on bring the very best academic success to their students. With a curriculum balanced to support the needs both of the local Thai students and expat students alike, they welcome all ages to come and learn with them. One of the newest institutions […]

Kevalee International School

Established in 1996 as a Kindergarten initially, Kevalee International School’s methods and ethos soon caused a surge in demand for their unique style of teaching. Positioned in a sleepy suburb of Bangkok, away from the chaos of the city proper, Kevalee has been recognized by both parents and pupils as a warm, welcoming and friendly […]

KiddyKare International Kindergarten

KiddyKare International Kindergarten has an emphasis on providing comprehensive educational services for their kindergarten students. They believe in starting their pupils on academic studies at as early an age as feasibly possible for the individual student. They help guide their young learners not just academically, but also developing their early social skills that are necessary […]

Kids’ Academy

The teachers and leaders of Kids Academy firmly believe that for young learners, play is an integral part of learning. Subsequently, establishing a love for learning new things early in a child’s life is a crucial part of their future educational success. Based on a British curriculum, they take students from pre-school age all the […]

KIS International School

Located within the heart of Bangkok in a centrally located premises, KIS International School provides students from ages 3 to 18 a wholly different kind of education. With a multicultural student profile of 720 students of 55 different nationalities, their aim is to deliver an academically strenuous curriculum in order to push their students into […]


Kido Kindergarten fully believes in the ethos of play and learning not being mutually exclusive as often, even in our adult lives, we find that the two overlap. Operating under an American influenced curriculum, they serve students between the ages of 3 months and 6 years of age. They pride themselves on giving their students […]

Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten

Located in the very heart of one of the most popular residential areas of Bangkok, Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten provides a super easy and convenient learning experience for students in Bangkok. Meaning that their students have less time to worry about travelling and more to commit to their education. The offer a nurturing and productive […]

Kidz Village International Kindergarten

Set against a beautiful backdrop of over 7 rais of land, Kidz Village International Kindergarten provides a stunning enviroment for learning. With breathtaking indoor and outdoor facilities, the unique setting of the school makes for a peaceful, but exciting atmosphere. Boasting some of the most talented and well qualified early learning educators in the country, […]

King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School

King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School prides itself on a being the very first multi subject demonstration school in the Kingdom of Thailand. They believe in nurturing and mentoring their students to become future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their chosen fields. Maintaining both California and Thai standards, they give their students the foundation needed to […]

Kinkaid International School of Bangkok

Kinkaid International School of Bangkok operates with a unique philosophy which is based on taking their students as individuals and recognizing their own learning strengths and challenges. They strive to instill the values of international understanding and outstanding citizenship skills to their students in order to develop them holistically. By developing critical thinking skills and […]

Krabi International School

Krabi International School is a purpose built campus designed to deliver both a National and Cambridge based curriculum to its total of 350 students. They design and cater their curriculums for students between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Nestled between the beach of Ao-Nang and Krabi town, it provides a vibrant and […]

La Petite Ecole

Using a bilingual, French/English curriculum based on and accredited by the French Ministry since 2013, they teach with a staff who are fluent speakers of both French and English in order to help their students become competent in both. They welcome all nationalities to this school with an emphasis on also showing respect to the […]

Le Lycée Français International de Bangkok

Accredited by both the French and Thai education ministries, Le Lycée Français International de Bangkok offers its students a curriculum and school which strictly adheres to the rules, regulations and guidelines set out by the French education ministry. Overseen by a convention from the AEFE and the French Foundation for Education, the school is also […]

Ladybird Pattaya International Kindergarten

Having been operating since 2000 at several different locations in Bangkok, Ladybird Pattaya International Kindergarten has now firmly established itself in Pattaya. With a time tested curriculum that has been fluidly developed over 30 years of practical testing. This gives parent’s confidence in the validity of the early year’s education on offer there. Ladybird Pattaya […]

Lanna International School

With a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent international standard education, Lanna International School is one of the longer standing International schools in Chang Mai. They provide their student’s with end-to-end education from nursery all the way through to Year 13. Founded by Paul E. DeMuth in 1993, the schools main aim is to provide the […]

Lamai International School Koh Samui

Recently opening its doors and providing their services to the children of Koh Samui, Lamai International School Koh Samui has quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Catering for students between Foundation and Year 9, they can ensure their students receive a well-rounded and practical education. They strive to create an enviroment where their students feel […]

Little Dragons International School

With an emphasis on following the Singaporean education structure which works so well for them, Little Dragons International School aims to teach its students to develop a true love for learning and acquiring knowledge and skills. With their curriculum being based on the Singaporean framework for kindergartens which is called “Nurturing the Early Years”. Truly […]

Magic Years International Kindergarten

Established in 1990, Magic Years International Kindergarten provides its pupils with a truly unique approach to education. At the heart of their vision is a school that surrounds its students with love and understanding in order to promote their own unique strengths and to work on their individual struggles in education. Being the provider of […]

Manorom International Christian School

Manorom International Christian School is a fully accredited Christian Private school, accredited and approved by several regulatory bodies for Christian Schools. Teaching students between K1 and Grade 3, they can help give their students the educational and spiritual tolls they need to succeed early on. Offering a efficient and well planned internationally recognized curriculum, the […]

Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery

Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery was established way back in 1981 with the sole intent of nurturing their student’s success and developed in a naturalistic and supportive enviroment. Catering for pupils between the ages of 6 and 2, offering a choice between International and Japanese programs. With students from both the programs coming together to […]

Modern International School Bangkok

Founded with the blessing of his Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, the Modern International School Bangkok strives to provide high-quality education with a low semester fee. Located on the easy to acsess Sukumvit 39, and set against 7 rai’s of pristine land, the school provides an inspiring and natural setting for their community of […]

Montessori Academy Bangkok International School

As a tri-lingual International School teaching in Thai, English and Mandarin, Montessori Academy Bangkok International School Sets itself apart from the rest in a number of ways. Firstly, the schools main objective is preparing their students for life, by taking into account their children’s natural developmental needs. They see their classrooms as more of a […]

Montessori House Phuket International School

Catering for students between the ages of 3 and 12, Montessori House Phuket International School is located in the picturesque Rawai on a location that slopes towards the ocean. They have quickly established a reputation for excellence in Early Years learning in Phuket, and they do so in a very natural and holistic way. By […]

Mooltripakdee International School

Nestled in the suburbs of the outskirts of Pattaya, Mooltripakdee International School is an up and coming international school. Offering high quality international level education for students between the ages of 2 and 15 years of age, they strive to give their best to their pupils. With a curriculum based entirely on the British educational […]

Mulberry House International Pre-School

Mulberry House International Pre-School achieves the impossible. They have carved out a school in the heart of Bangkok’s Soi Tonson that is both aesthetically beautiful and provide the highest quality of education. As well as tending to their student’s educational needs, they also provide their students with care facilities. This is order to help relieve […]

Nakornpayap International School

With a record of student achievement in over 14 different nations, Nakornpayap International School has a long and fruitful history of excellence. Founded by a group of investors in 1993, the school was founded with the intention of providing a high quality, secular school based on the US curriculum. With their record of excellence and […]

N.S.I.S. New Sathorn International School

Being classed as a thoroughly progressive school, N.S.I.S. New Sathorn International School bases their system on US Christian principles. Offering global education, the school prides itself on not only their superbly equipped facilities, but also on their highly qualified and well recommended teaching staff of native speakers. Their academic philosophy derives from the best of […]

NIST International School

With the prestigious claim of being Thailand’s first fully Not-For-Profit international Baccalaureate school, NIST’s reputation for academic brilliance is a longstanding and fruitful one. Welcoming over 1500 students from more than 50 nationalities, there really is no better way to prepare a young mind for international work or study. This atmosphere allows their pupils to […]

NIVA International School

With their schools ethos being firmly focused on their students, which are considered their greatest strength, NIVA International School offers education for pupils between Pre-K and Grade 132. They structure their courses with the end goal of developing their students into adults in order to promote continued future success for their pupils. Parents are also […]

Norwich International School

Norwich International School Is a unique and vibrant learning enviroment in which students are encouraged to achieve in later life. While obviously still just as focused on core competencies as any other international school, Norwich International School also promotes a great deal of other positive traits. This is in order to mold them into accepting, […]

Outdoor School Bangkok

Bangkok Outdoor School is one of a kind in the city, namely for being the first Kindergarten to educate their students by way of positive, regular play in the great outdoors. Boasting a vast green space of over 1600SQM in the heart of Bangkok, their facilities and location allow them to give a naturalistic and […]

Pallies International Daycare

As a slightly unique entry into the education scene in Bangkok comes an International Daycare, which promotes the earliest of learning in their students. They boast to interact with your child in a way that both stimulates them and helps them to develop their basic skills while their busy parents are away at work or […]

Pan-Asia International School

Located around 10km from Suvarnabhumi in the conveniently located Prawet district of Bangkok, the Pan-Asia International School educates students between the kindergarten and Grade 10. Boasting a vast array of high tech, modern facilities, examples being their two fully quipped science laboratories, a music room and full sized swimming pool. Basing their curriculum on the […]

Panyaden Chiangmai International School

Panyaden Chiangmai International School is a truly unique entry, with their entire campus being built as a “green school” from natural materials like bamboo and earth. Their philosophy is centered around focusing on their student’s integration and acceptance of each other’s various cultures and differences. As well as educating their students to full proficiency academically, […]

Prem Tinsulanonda International School

Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Chiang Mai was founded in 2001. The school is situated around 25km to the north of central Chiang Mai in a popular residential district known as Mae Rim, and the campus is approximately 250 rai (100 acres) in size. The school has around 500 students from over 30 countries, so […]

Prep International Kindergarten

Prep International Kindergarten has a firm belief ingrained into the fabric of their school. And that is that their students should actively enjoy coming to school and that left to flourish in this kind of enviroment, they will. They pride themselves on working closely with parents in order to confront and tackle their child’s individual […]

QSI International School Phuket

QSI International School Phuket is a non-profit organization which dedicates itself to providing world class education to its students. This they believe, starts with a personalized approach to instruction and activity, based on an individual student’s needs and capabilities. This school is designed primarily to meet the needs of students in Thailand who have the […]

Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School (RAIS)

Academic excellence in a caring community is a goal our school strives to offer. Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School (RAIS) is a heart-warming home for students, parents, teachers, staff and the community. We are an American curriculum for Nursery-G12 with fully accredited by WASC. We also offer Special Educational Needs and EFL classes. Our support programs […]

Raffles American School Bangkok

Based upon a tried and tested US curriculum, Raffles American School Bangkok considers itself less of a school, and more a community of different, but equally capable learners. Their rigorous and richly diverse academic and extracurricular activities help their students develop into avid and excited learners. They also consider collaboration and support from their pupil’s […]

Rasami British International School

Rasami British International School is an international school located in Bangkok. They are known as providers of the highest quality education to children between pre Kindergaden and Grade 13. Using the British curriculum, they believe that their stunning campus and sound teaching methodologies students evolve and adapt to the ever changing world. They also pride […]

RC International School

RC International School is a small and cozy school that consists of 150 students. RC’s main focus is the development of intellectual, physical, emotional and social, cultural, artistic, and moral wellbeing within the lives of their students. The learning environment here is fully devoted to holistic and child centered learning. Based on the British Curriculum […]

Regents International School

Regents International School is considered to be the only school in the Pattaya region which delivers highest quality learning combined with unique global opportunities. During day hours, the school caters for students from age 2, while they offer boarding for students age 7 and up. The sister schools of Regents are among the top international […]

RIS School Swiss Section

RIS School Swiss Section is the only school in Asia offering all school levels from pre-Kindergarten to the Swiss Matura. With the bilingual Matura (German and English) our students will get access to Swiss and many other universities around the world without having to take any other exams. They also a certified German international school […]

Rose Marie Academy

Rose Marie Academy (RMA) is a US curriculum school, fully qualified and permitted preK-12 programs are available. Offering a safe preschool Child Center Proram and a Primary and Secondary School Program. RMA is a well-established, privately-run, international-orientated school that has a multicultural learning environment. They encourage individuality, social growth and foster global citizens. It is […]

Royce Royal International Kindergarten

This school is an International Kindergarten presenting British Early Years Foundation Stage for students aged 2 to 5, and British National Curriculum for 5-6 year olds. All students engage in a stimulating, creative, caring, fun and innovative learning environment. The school is on a plot of land 3.5 Rai (Around 6,000 SQM) large, with a […]

Ruamrudee International School

Ruamrudee International School offers a Modified American Curriculum, with IB/AP programs and Day/Boarding to learners 2-18 Years Old. It is situated on a 28-acre campus with Wi-Fi enabled. Ruamrudee IS has a seven decade tradition. Ruamrudee, a Thai word meaning “Union of Hearts”, captures their philosophy of welcoming all children in an environment of care […]

Centurion International School of Bangkok (CISB)

“Welcome to Centurion International School of Bangkok (CISB), a premier institution dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of our students. At CISB, we offer a rich and diverse curriculum that goes beyond academic achievements to cultivate personal growth and global awareness. Our educational approach integrates both international and local perspectives, providing our students with a […]

KIS International School

Bangkok’s Only Full IB Day & Boarding School is launching this August 2024 with a world-class 60-acre campus, our second location in Bangkok. Alongside day students from aged 3 and above, we also offer full and weekly boarding from Grade 4 onwards. Located within the exclusive Reignwood Park tranquil green community, we are less than […]

Ruamrudee International School, Ratchaphruek Campus

For over six decades, Ruamrudee International School (RIS) has remained a model of excellence and innovation in global education and is highly regarded as one of Thailand’s best international schools. RIS was founded in 1957 in Soi Ruamrudee in the heart of Bangkok before relocating to Minburi district in 1992. In 2019, a second campus […]

Rugby School Thailand

Rugby School Thailand is a co-educational, day and boarding, British International School for 2-18 year olds. It follows the British curriculum with students taking IGCSE, AS and A level examinations. The school has an 80-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities and space for children to enjoy active lifestyles. Unlike most international schools, RST follows the British […]

Saint John Mary International School

Based on the US state of California’s curriculum, Saint John Mary International School seeks to meet the individual needs of every single student under their care. They insist on only the highest standards, for everybody in the school and they endeavor to lay strong and stable educational foundations in order to build upon them in […]

Satit Prasarnmit International Program School

Satit Prasarnmit International Program School follows the British National Curriculum, catering for high school students, year 8-13 (M7-12). It was Established 60 years ago and it has a reputation for high-quality education. An International Programme is a further expansion of the School’s credentials. SPIP is monitored by Srinakharinwirot University and accredited both by the Ministry […]

Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University

Satit (International) Bilingual School of Rangsit University was established in 2004. We are a proud school that offers our students a study pathway that covers both the National as well as International curriculums. We are an established IB Primary school (PYP) as well as an accredited Cambridge International school. A Select number of students join […]

SCL International School

SCL International School is situated in Koh Samui and offers a British curriculum with Cambridge Examination for students aged 4-16.There are currently 200 students enrolled. They wish to create an environment that is secure and stimulating where children could realize their full potential. The school can offer high quality interation between staff and pupils due […]

Siam Singapore International School

Using a modified Singaporean curriculum, that is taught in Thai, English and Mandarin, Siam Singapore International School offers its students a very unique way to gain academic success. With their progressive and modern Singaporean education model which has been modified for an international roster of students, their focus is on developing young minds for future […]

Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB)

Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) is a leading provider of the world-renowned Singapore curriculum …

Siriwat Wittaya English Program

Siriwat Wittaya English Program pledges their best to their students every day, in order to achieve greatness and academic success and to help them fulfill their dreams and fully realize their potential in the real world. The way they deliver this is to foster a strong bond and sense of community within the school, between […]

Shrewsbury International School

Occupying an absolutely stunning piece of riverside real estate in the midst of Bangkok, Shrewsbury International School provides a different class of English-speaking curriculum to its students. Partnered with it’s equivalent sister school in the UK, the curriculum draws much inspiration from their British model of education, the two schools sharing similar values, morals and […]

Southern International School

Southern International School based in Hat Yai is focused on bringing together their diverse students, from both Thai and Non Thai origins. Their main goal is to mold their students into long life learners who can analyze problems critically and achieve academic greatness, wherever their journey may take them. Using the British system, they coach […]

St. Andrews International School

St. Andrews International School offers a British National curriculum for students from preK to year 13. There are two campuses located in Bangkok (Bangna and Sathorn), one in Nonthaburi and another in Banchang (Rayong). It is a small and high quality school where students are viewed and treated as individuals. They follow practices from IGCSE […]

St. Andrews International Schools

These schools follow, but are not limited to, the British National Curriculum and IB Diploma program. They extend their curriculum to support students learning in international environments and cater for future global citizens. Their curriculum embraces learner-centered principles and view all situations from the perspectives of their students. Each campus is small and exclusive to […]

St. John’s International School

At St. John’s International School there is an emphasis on several extremely important lessons that they try to impart to every student. Firstly is that of respect and love for each other, academic success and the education of their students as whole people. With an emphasis on engagement and involvement in their education, St. John’s […]

St. Mark’s International School

As Thailand’s first Australian International School, St. Mark’s International School also distinguishes itself from the crowd with a few key facets. The first being that they are a trilingual school, teaching in English, Thai and Mandarin. The second is their key philosophy of engagement and academic success for each student who learns with them, also […]

St. Stephen’s International School

St Stephens International School describes itself as more of a family run school, it is situated in amongst Thailand’s breathtaking Khao Yai national park. They firstly encourage their students to discover who they are and how best to tackle their individual learning challenges and obstacles. This sense of understanding will assist the students as they […]

Storytime Preschool

Storytime Preschool offers high quality and through Early Years education in Bangkok for 1 to 6 year olds, with their emphasis on giving their pupils a chance to live, learn and play together. They provide themselves on providing a safe, warm and supportive enviroment in which to develop their early skills and become successful future […]

Surat Thani International School

As the very first International School within Surat Thani, Surat Thani International School has a certain reputation to uphold. Firstly, they use the US State of California system of education as the foundation of their curriculum, bringing to it a unique methodology. They aim to fully submerge their students in an English language based enviroment, […]

Thai Sikh International School

Established with a firm focus on producing students with a holistic and global view on the world at large, Thai Sikh International School uses a British based system to guide their pupils through their early education. They integrate suitable levels of knowledge and education to individual students in order to complement their individual challenges and […]

Thai-Chinese International School

Originally created for the English speaking Taiwanese community of Bangkok, Thai-Chinese International School has quickly branched into serving both the Thai and expatriate and Non Thai community also. Most of the students of this school are natively bilingual and many hold dual nationalities. They also place a great emphasis on making these groups come together […]

The Regent’s International School

Considered to be one of the most prestigious schools in Thailand, The Regent’s International School located in Bangkok provides the most acclaimed education using the British system. Following an enhanced UK curriculum, with special considerations having been made for its international applications, they help their students develop a holistic understanding of the world. From understanding […]

The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School

At The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School is created as the joint vision of two teachers, mainly that teachers should be happy and enthusiastic about their work. Otherwise they should not be in education, their school was built with a “home school” style to make their students fit in more easily and learn in a familiar […]

The Topsy Turvy; The British School of Bangkok

Accepting students from all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, The Topsy Turvy International British School of Bangkok firmly stands by its statement that diversity of culture and language make for a more enriching learning enviroment. Catering for students between 2 and 11 years and using the British National Curriculum, they are expertly positioned to provide some […]

The Village International Education Centre

For some children, normal education is either ineffective, or not supportive enough for those with special educational needs. The Village International Education Centre caters for students with a wide variety of disabilities and learning difficulties, allowing them to be given adequate support throughout any troubles they may have with their education. Many schools cannot, or […]

Traill International School

Known for its exceptional Academic successes, Traill International School instills the highest possible standards in their students in order to prepare them for their future educational and work fields. Accredited by Cambridge Internal Examinations, the end goal for the students of this school is to attain an IGCSE or A Levels, which are internationally recognized […]

Udon Thani International School

Resonating deeply within both students, parents, teachers and former students, Udon Thani International School caters for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. They admit students from the ages of 2 – 12. Using the national curriculum of the UK they believe that they can help any child realize their true potential and help guide […]

United World College Thailand

Situated in beautiful Phuket and representing a diverse school of over 65 nationalities, United World College Thailand has a record for academic success. With an emphasis on developing students socially, emotionally and academically. They wish to help their students to achieve their highest human potential in whatever why they choose to apply themselves. In addition, […]

Varee Chiangmai International School

Varee Chiangmai International School Is considered to be one of the more modern International schools in Bangkok, led by a team of highly qualified and experienced veteran educators. The school caters for all ages and can help to set any pupil up for continued success long into their adult life. They seek to lay strong […]

Wellington College International School Bangkok

Part of the global Wellington Family of Schools, Wellington College International School Bangkok provides an outstanding, holistic education based on the British curriculum for students from 2 to 18 years old.    Wellington Bangkok has enjoyed enormous success since opening in August 2018, becoming the first school ever globally to gain full COBIS Patron’s Accreditation within its first year of operation—evidence of both world-class teaching and […]

Wells International School

Wells International School has a reputation for excellence, both academically and as an international location for educating and developing young minds. They place a great deal of emphasis on first hand knowledge and practical learning in order to instill positive life lessons amongst their students. Using a modified US curriculum, they help to coach and […]